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Jordan D

Jordan D

Jersey Mike’s is the fast food place I have enjoyed the most. Whenever I go near one, there are always people entering their shop and that is for good reason. Ever since 1956, Jersey Mike’s has reached high success due to their amazing food. This fast food restaurant has left many customers satisfied and I believe it will be that way for you too.

Jersey Mike’s subs contain a good variety of toppings and sandwiches for a decent price. Everytime I go there, the food tastes fresh while never feeling like they were cheap with how much food I was given. However, their food isn’t the only subject they excel in. They have fantastic wait times for food. For someone who has done both pick up by ordering on their app and ordering inside I have never had issues with waiting times. Their employees in the St.Cloud location as well are nice and respectable. If you are a fan of sides such as chips, cookies and drinks then you won’t be disappointed with the options. Perhaps my favorite parts of the subs are the oil and vinegar and the bread as other fast food sub shops don’t even come close to how good Jersey Mike’s subs are. As stated before, they offer a good choice of different types of chips and drinks, however other sides such as soups are left to be desired. This place always delivers amazing food and it’s even a great place to eat inside as it is always clean and well kept.

In conclusion Jersey Mike’s is a great choice for anyone that loves subs. I believe that they excel in many aspects whereas many other sub fast food don’t. If you are looking for fast food for subs then this is the almost-perfect place. 

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