Mixin’ it Up Gluten Free Bakery located in the heart of downtown Sauk Rapids is true gem.

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Haylee DeMark

Haylee DeMark

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Mixin’ it Up Gluten Free Bakery located in the heart of downtown Sauk Rapids is a true gem in Central Minnesota. Mixin’ it Up Gluten Free Bakery gave Central Minnesota something it had been lacking that a good portion of the community has needed; somewhere to get gluten and dairy free sweets without breaking the pocket book. With the bakery goods made homemade right in the building, you can taste how fresh they are with every bite. 

Photo: Haylee DeMark

When you walk in you are welcomed by displays of fresh baked goods from home cooked breads to cupcakes to cookies. I ordered a plethora of options to get the full spectrum of what they had. First I tried the French Macarons, which from first bite, to me, tasted better than the ones you get elsewhere with gluten. The coffee one was my favorite, it tasted like I was drinking a coffee while enjoying the feel of the macaron melting in my mouth. I also got the brownies which were to die for. They were so moist and decadent that it makes it hard to put them down. 🙂

Mixin’ it Up Gluten Free Bakery also has mixes of all your favorite desserts to make at home for any occasion. While I was onsite, a customer came in to buy one for her husband’s birthday as he was certain it was one of the best gluten free cake mixes he has ever had. They also help service multiple locations across the midwest such as the Cold Spring Bakery and the Food Co-Op right here in Saint Cloud. 

Photo: Haylee DeMark

If you are looking for something delicious and different, give them a try! You can find more information on Mixin’ It Up on their website www.mixinitup.org and also on their Facebook page. Mixin’ It Up is serving up deliciousness and even if you’re not gluten free there is something for everyone!

Mixin’ It Up Gluten Free Bakery – 106 2nd Ave N, Sauk Rapids, MN 56379 – (320) 259-7105


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