Five Strange Things about St. Cloud Minnesota

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Jordan D

Jordan D

  1. St. Cloud has the longest wall in the U.S.

If you ever find yourself taking a drive along highway 10, prepare to be captivated by the sheer magnitude of one of the grandest walls to ever grace the United States. This extraordinary feat of engineering proudly belongs to a renowned prison, boasting an astonishing length of 128 feet and twenty two feet tall. Initially constructed using timber, the cost to maintain such a colossal structure proved exorbitant, prompting a visionary move in 1905. The prison authorities enlisted the help of the inmates to rebuild this iconic wall, choosing durable granite as the new material. The undertaking was no small feat, lasting an incredible eleven years before its completion. Remarkably, in 1957, a group of audacious inmates defied the odds and successfully leaped over this mammoth obstacle, leaving us in awe of their immense courage and the sheer magnitude of the wall.

2. Beaver Island murder

St. Cloud’s Beaver Island Trail offers an eerie and captivating history. This national tale revolves around three young individuals entangled in a chilling murder mystery that claimed the life of a homeless man. Unbelievably, one of the teenagers even licked the bloody knife they used to kill the homeless man. 

3 Lake George 

Lake George has always been renowned as a sprawling water haven. In 1855, it spanned a staggering 71 and a half blocks, but over time, it has gracefully receded to half its size.


4 St. Cloud Superman

That’s right, St. Cloud has its very own superhero. You could once often spot him donning his iconic costume while he roamed around Division Street, leaving a lasting impression on the city. He has become a legendary figure and has been portrayed in numerous articles.

5 Stephen king  shoutout

In his iconic 1408 film, he spectacularly referenced St. Cloud as the most haunted place in the world. The mystery surrounding this claim only deepens as he has never revealed the reason behind it.


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