Five big stories happening now

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Jordan D

Jordan D

  1. Alex Jones returns to X

After a five year ban Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist, has returned to X. Elon Musk announced this over a livestream that had over 100,000 listeners. Quite a surprise for certain and a great thing if you follow Alex Jones.

  1. Owen Scoyer released

Last Friday Owen Scroyer was released on 12/8/23. In a new X post he was very happy to return to info wars and has been as mentally strong as ever. After a maximum of a year sentence a two month sentence was chosen that has now ended.

  1. Trump says he will not testify in new york trial

The 250 million dollar civil fraud against is at its last week and Trump decided he will not testify. Why? This is what Trump said “I have already testified to everything & have nothing more to say other than this is a complete & total election interference (Biden campaign!) witch hunt” so “I will not be testifying on Monday,” This was said on his social media called Truth Social.

  1. U.S. military space plane Atop SpaceX delayed

SpaceX is now targeting Monday, December 11th at 8:14pm. It will be launched in NASA’s Kennedy Center in central Florida. This was said from the rocket manufacturing company who has put much hard work into providing amazing advancements.

  1. Minneapolis store clerk impaled by a golf club

The Victim is Robert Skatfe who worked as a store clerk at the age of 44 in Minneapolis who met a tragic end due to a homicidal attack. His neighbor saw him impaled by the gold club through the abdomen and emergency services tried their best but he sadly passed away in the hospital. In the community he was known as the “bright light” and fortunately he will be remembered for his kindness towards those around him.

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