If you live in Central Minnesota, there is a good chance you’ve ran into Romaine!

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Romaine Bray is no stranger to Central Minnesota and knows this unique market well. For over 15 years, he’s been working with people and knows what it takes to keep his clients happy.

We had a chance to catch up with Romaine to find out more about his Real Estate business in the St Cloud Market. 

Photos: provided by Romaine Bray

Thank you for taking the time to speak to me today Romaine. First off, what led you to pursue your passion for the Real Estate Industry? 

RB: I have been engaged in sales most of my life, and I truly like real estate. Therefore, it was only a matter of time that I would become involved in the real estate market.

What are some of your positions and jobs you have had prior that helped make getting your Real Estate license a natural progression? 

RB: I have held several positions in sales. In addition, I have been in Sales Management for several years.

Can you tell us more about your business and what services you specialize in? 

RB: As a realtor, I owe fiduciary duties to my clients, so I put all my energy in not only finding a suitable house for my client but one that is suitable for their budget too.

Do you have some good advice for new home buyers and how to proceed in this current market? 

RB: Firstly, one must make sure that they are fully prepared to enter the market. Don’t just buy to buy.  This is probably the biggest investment most people will make in their lives. Therefore, they must make sure that they find something that fits their lifestyle and that they love.

Could you give some advice for people who are thinking of selling, and also how they can make the best decisions in today’s market? 

RB: Well this is a crazy time. It is still a sellers’ market but it is starting to change as of late, so one can still expect to receive the highest offers for their home.  However, that same seller will soon be at the other end of the spectrum-the buyer, so one should be prepared.

What do you feel are some of your strong points that may separate you from the pack?

RB: I can relate to any one of my customers. Furthermore, I advise people just to be themselves, and as a result, you are likely to get the best out of people.

What is your area radius that you service? 

RB: Anywhere in the state of Minnesota.

When you are not helping people buy and sell homes, what are some things you enjoy doing with your free time? 

RB: Well, I am a family man and love my son and wife dearly, so I enjoy spending all my leisure time with them.  

If someone wants to contact you, what are the best ways to reach you? 

Romaine Bray

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