Paul Eisenschenk Offers Experience, Education and Effort to his clients in Central Minnesota

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Paul is no stranger to the Central Minnesota area. Growing up on a dairy farm in Cold Spring, MN Paul learned about hard work at an early age. As one of the area’s premier real estate professionals Paul has been able to help people in Central MN for many years. 

We had a chance to catch up with Paul to find out more about his expanding business in Central MN .


DD: Thank you for taking the time to speak to me today Paul. First off, can you give everyone a little background on your real estate experience and what led you to pursue your passion for the real estate industry?  

PE: I had been involved with Real Estate Development for 15 to 20 years before becoming a licensed Realtor and Broker.  I had worked on residential development projects in five different states.  I decided that I wanted to cut down on travel and work closer to home and to help more people in this area.

DD: Can you tell us more about your business and what services you specialize in? 

PE: Sure.  As I have mentioned I come from a background in residential real estate development.  I still do that, only on a much smaller scale than previously.  I’ve always liked hunting and fishing so I thought why not make a career out of helping people find their dream homes on a lake!  I partnered with Realty and the fit has been perfect.  I love learning about each of the different lakes.  I love reading the DNR Lake Reports on each lake and seeing how many panfish and walleye are counted in the lake surveys.  I like learning about each of my clients’ anticipated use of the lake.  I will then research the water clarity, maximum depth, number of acres, etc. to make sure each lake is a good fit for each client.  When I go to a closing with a client, then see them years later and they are still as excited about their lake home and lake as they were on the day of closing I know that I did my job and that brings me great joy.

DD: Do you have some good advice for new home buyers, and how to proceed in this market we have today?  

PE: Have your buyer’s pre-approved and set up on an automatic search.  View the property the first day it is available for showing.  It is currently a seller’s market.  Buyers must be ready to act, and to act fast.  

DD: Could you give some advice for people who are thinking of selling, and also how they can make the best decisions in today’s market?    

PE: For seller’s, even though this is a seller’s market, do your “Pre-Listing Checklist”.  Buyer’s today are somewhat lazy.  They don’t want to do any work.  They will pay more for a property where the work is already done.  Make your home as “Move-In Ready” as possible.  It will sell fast and at a price that the seller will be happy with.

DD: What do you feel are some of your strong points that may separate you from the pack?  

PE: Experience.  Education.  Effort.  I like to keep things simple and since my last name starts with an “E” I’ll go with three qualities that also start with an “E”.   Maybe that will help people remember me, lol!  
Experience.  Education (SJU Graduate),  Effort.  Eisenschenk.

DD: What is your area that you service?  

PE: I have a satellite office near St. John’s University.  Since I cannot pick up lakes and move them, I have to go to them.  I’ll generally go out up to two hours from my base. 

DD: What are some things you enjoy doing with your free time? 

PE:  I don’t hunt and fish as much as I once did.  I do still enjoy going out on the lake.  I have a little place down by Sugar Lake in Annandale.  Taking family and friends out on the pontoon ranks right up there.

DD: If someone wants to contact you, what are the best ways to reach you?  

PE: I am pretty tech savvy – all the usual work for me – Call, Text, or Email.

Paul Eisenschenk

Listing Agent

St Cloud Office



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