Skillet Live at Lakes Jam 2023!

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Photo: Dan DeMark

Lakes Jam 2023 was as always, nothing short of a blast. Located at the Brainerd International Raceway in Brainerd Minnesota, this 4 day event offers many food vendors, a great concert atmosphere, and of course lots of bands which are just some things that make this location great!

After seeing Skillet many times and them never disappointing, this concert was no different. The band was tight as ever, and John’s vocals were in top form. It’s such a nice change to have a positive message being expressed at an event like this. 

They opened with my favorite single “Invincible”. The bass was loud and the guitars were screaming. If you’ve ever been to a Skillet concert you know one of the highlights is watching Jen Ledger hit the drums. She really is a great drummer, and has a really interesting voice that adds a lot to the band’s sound. They also played a full set of hits including Hero, Monster and many more!

Photo: Dan DeMark

If you are looking for another chance to catch Skillet in Minnesota you are in luck! They are headlining another show on Thursday August 3rd at the City on the Hill Music Festival. For more information visit:

The current line up for the band is as follows:

John Cooper:

Korey Cooper:

Jen Ledger:

Seth Morrison:

Video Clip: Dan DeMark

Lakes Jam is a great place for campers and concert goers alike. With reasonable prices and free general camping. First come, first serve. The merch comes in a wide variety and has fair prices (at least for the times). The food was fantastic too! They had their discounted prices displayed at the event for next year, so get tickets at the best prices possible and get yourself booked for next season

Seth Morrison playing guitar. Photo: Dan DeMark

Full band: Photo: Dan DeMark


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